Success Cases

A brand-new app for an intuitive and clean customer experience

This World-class elite competitive training program for Athletes and Coaches around the world trusted our expertise to build a customized mobile and web app to serve as a clean, intuitive and easy-to-navigate training platform for both CompTrain users and coaches.

Customers' migration to a fully featured new system

Meeting the changing needs in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry by running on several out-of-date legacy systems was affecting SmartBorder’s quality and speed of software development. We developed a fully featured new system with updated software, achieving 95% of customer migration.

Innovating checkout processes and split payments

This leading e-commerce platform for furniture needed to speed their time-to-market while continuing to provide superior quality services. We executed the migration of checkout processes to a microservice architecture and developed key new features such as split payments.

Cost-efficient mobile solutions design

Shaped for designing IoT solutions for food and pharmacy safety, the client needed to improve its operational processes efficiency. Our technical expertise in mobile app technology enhanced their customer satisfaction results based on product developments from scratch.