E-commerce platform for furniture used by the largest retailers in North America

Success Cases

Success Cases - Blueport


Blueport Commerce, a leading provider of e-commerce for big ticket retail, was growing and needed to quickly meet the development requirements of adding new customers. In order to increase development capacity in a short period of time while continuing to provide superior quality and services to its clients, Blueport sought out talented Angular and .NET developers capable of adding immediate value and capacity with the flexibility and availability to fill short-term positions.


Working collaboratively with Kaizen, Blueport was able to identify Kaizen developers to supplement its staff. Together, Blueport and Kaizen identified the key skill sets needed as well as where within Blueport’s team structure Kaizen would have the biggest impact.

From front end work to back end and database coding, Kaizen team members integrated into all layers of Blueport’s development stack.

About this project

Blueport is the leading e-commerce platform for furniture used by retailers in North America to run their omnichannel websites. Designed to overcome the challenges of selling furniture online, the Blueport SaaS e-commerce Platform plugs into any furniture ERP system to quickly launch sites fully integrated with stores.

With a long experience in the industry, Blueport provides better shopping experiences for their customers and drives online sales through its e-commerce platforms.

  • Headquarters: Boston, MA.
  • Founded: 2009
  • Industry: Computer Software, E-Commerce
  • Founder: Carl Prindle
  • Website: blueport.com

New clients acquisition

New skills and faster technologies were applied

Brand perception improvement

based on better time to market and innovative approach


  • April 2019

    Kaizen engage with Blueport’s CTO

    • +2 Members

    Blueport needed to increase flexibility and capacity. Kaizen was experienced in staff augmentation and knew how to get up to speed rapidly, delivering business value from the inception.

  • May 2019

    Migration from a monolithic application to the cloud.

    • +1 Members

    With Kaizen’s experience and knowledge on micro services, we collaborated in migrating to the cloud, figuring out the patterns that the client wanted to follow.

  • June 2019

    Kaizen .NET developers started to collaborate on front-end solutions.

    • +1 Members

    Kaizen established the necessary reporting, communication and workflow procedures for effective and smooth cooperation. New proposals for product improvements such as user experience and code quality began to emerge.

  • July 2019

    Introduction of a dedicated new Angular development team

    • +4 Members

    Due to the emergence of a new customer, Blueport decided to augment the team. Kaizen provided a great responsiveness that allowed them to fulfil new demands using a project-oriented Angular development team.

  • March 2020

    Kaizen Team visited Blueport headquarters in Boston

    We began conducting workshops and knowledge transfer of Angular technology and architectural proposals for Blueport developers. The team also started mentoring Blueport Junior internship developers.

  • May 2020

    The value that Kaizen brought was taking hold. More support was requested.

    • +1 Members

    The client shared a new vision with Kaizen. More support was needed to respond to the requests of its current clients and to maintain the continuous development of its platform.

  • April 2021

    Onboarding process for off-shore developers is created

    We got involved in improving the onboarding process and working on the creation of an onboarding document for off-shore developers.

Blueport - E-commerce web application
Blueport - Shopping Cart
Blueport - Locations


Marcos Elugardo

My experience with Kaizen is that people come with a lot of knowledge, they share their ideas which is awesome, but they also fit into our development processes and our goals and how we approach things. So it's really easy to fit people onto the team because there is not a lot of work that we have to do to convince them to approach things in a certain way. They just adapted but they also brought their ideas.

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