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About this project

Blueport is a top e-commerce platform for furniture that has transformed the way retailers operate in North America. Its omnichannel web app solution effortlessly integrates with any furniture ERP system to tackle the difficulties of selling furniture online. With years of experience, Blueport is committed to delivering exceptional shopping experiences for customers who shop both online and in-store.

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As Blueport grew, it faced increasing pressure to fulfill custom feature requests from new customers, which prompted a review of its product strategy and processes. To speed up its time-to-market, it sought a software partner with flexible terms to increase its development capacity, add value, and improve the quality of its services to meet customer demands.

Additionally, Blueport needed to migrate its platform from a monolithic application to the cloud using microservices. This transition was necessary to improve the scalability and performance of their platform while reducing maintenance costs.



We developed a flexible roadmap with clear priorities and goals and provided constructive feedback to Blueport on their internal processes, coding habits, and approaches. Our team assisted with the entire software development lifecycle, including front-end and back-end development and data coding, to increase productivity and speed up development times.

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With our guidance, Blueport successfully implemented significant improvements and new features, such as cloud migration of the platform, split payment, store locator, and check-out process, all of which had a positive impact on their business. We also provided mentoring sessions for Blueport's team in Angular and .NET, and created an onboarding process for new team members to ensure long-term efficiency and sustainability.

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New clients acquisitionNew skills and latest technologies were applied
Cloud migrationfrom a monolithic application
Brand perception improvementbased on faster time-to-market and innovative approach

Tech Stack

These are some of the technologies used in the development of this project.

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We assembled a team of 3 developers with expertise in Angular, .NET and microservices to work closely with Blueport's development team. We established reporting, communication, and workflow procedures to ensure effective collaboration. Our team also proposed ways to improve the user experience and code quality.

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Our team of 4 developers successfully migrated Blueport's platform from a monolithic application to the cloud using microservices with confidence.

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Our growing team of 8 developers traveled to Blueport's headquarters in Boston to conduct on-site Angular workshops for their developers and presented software architectural proposals to improve their platform. With our Angular front-end proposal, Blueport was able to quickly create usable front-end pages and speed up the delivery of new client sites.

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We created an onboarding process and document for new team members at Blueport and provided mentoring sessions for junior developers to improve their skills and contributions to the team.

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We handled regular maintenance tasks and assisted in onboarding new clients for Blueport, freeing up their time to focus on their core business objectives.


Blueport needed to increase their team's capacity to meet the demands of a major new customer. Our responsive support allowed them to meet new requirements with a project-oriented Angular development team.

Senior Vice President Engineering -  Marcos Elugardo
My experience with KAIZEN is that people come with a lot of knowledge, they share their ideas which is awesome, but they also fit into our development processes. They’re eager to do a good job. They want feedback on how they can be better, and they’re very open to our suggestions. The partnership is very collaborative, and I appreciate their willingness to do well. They’re very helpful”
Marcos ElugardoSenior Vice President Engineering - Blueport

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