World-class elite competitive training program for Athletes and Coaches around the world


When we met CompTrain their fitness app was running on a standard third party system. After cultivating an interesting number of users, their business growth was limited by the systems capabilities.

CompTrain needed a tailored mobile and web app to differentiate itself from the competition, gain independence from standard solution providers and keep growing its brand.


The Kaizen software engineering team developed a customized mobile and web app to serve as a clean, intuitive and easy-to-navigate training platform for both CompTrain users and coaches.

Now, users can interact with daily workouts and record their scores on a per-workout basis. New features were created like age specific training programs, daily mindset stories, daily warm ups, workout strategies, and in-app movement videos.

About Comptrain

CompTrain is an online training program that delivers physical, mental and nutrition training for elite competitors.

CompTrain has Led hundreds of athletes to CrossFit games and consistently sending athletes to the games podiums year after year.

Headquarters: Boston, MA.

Founded: 2011

Founder: Ben Bergeron

Industry: Fitness


30% faster

New Web Portal enhanced coaching experience

Real time insights

Access to users’ data allows educated business decision making


new users market segment demand


  • Our engineers worked on site at CompTrain headquarters to outline a preliminary inception deck. The purpose of this process was to write down a shared understanding of the client’s business model and the project scope while getting stakeholders, coaches, and elite athletes on the same page.

    August 2019

    Kaizen Team visits CompTrain headquarters in Boston

  • The testing phase began as we gathered coaches’ feedback. We ran user experience tests to make sure the product adapted to users’ preferences and needs. We enabled CompTrain personnel to run future tests independently.

    November 2019

    Initial prototype ready

  • We began to gather users' feedback to fine tune the final product. The Kaizen development team collaborates on a plan to migrate CompTrain users to the new app.

    May 2020

    Functional app version ready

  • The new app became available to download on the PlayStore and AppStore. CompTrain acquired full independence by shutting down its former third party vendor.

    August 2020

    CompTrain App officially launched

  • CompTrain customer's migration from their old third party application runs smoothly with very high conversion rates.

    September 2020

    CompTrain acquired full independence by shutting down its former Saas account

  • A new market segment is identified to be in demand. Real time data insights allow CompTrain to make educated decisions in order to execute business strategies.

    November 2020

    The new app and web solution start to have an impact on business



Our experience working with Kaizen has been truly amazing. They are all a group of highly intelligent and motivated people. What impressed us, and continues to impress us, is how much time and effort they spend on finding people that fit in with their culture. This dedication to finding the right people has made our working with them very easy. Their team is fully brought into the work, and Kaizen is 100% a part of our team. We could not be happier in having chosen them to work with us on this project.

Allan Araujo

CTO of CompTrain

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