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CompTrain is an online training program that delivers physical, mental and nutrition training for elite competitors. CompTrain has led hundreds of athletes to CrossFit games and consistently sends athletes to the games podiums year after year.

  • Industry: Health, Wellness & Fitness.
  • Headquarters: Boston, MA.
  • Founded: 2011.
  • Website:
  • Service provided: Product Development.


When we met CompTrain, their fitness app was running on a standard third-party platform and their business growth was limited by the system's capabilities.

Prior to our partnership, CompTrain had worked with two different standard software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, losing 30% of its user base when switching between them due to complex registration and onboarding procedures.

Our partner was experiencing lack of access to its users’ relevant data, while its user base was suffering from limited and unsatisfactory training features. CompTrain was only able to provide daily workout routines to users, and coaches had to live stream explanations of routines on whiteboards, greatly reducing efficiency and taking time away from the important training content.

CompTrain needed a stronger brand and a unique value proposition to stand out in the fitness space and scale up its business, but could not make it from its standard third party system.


We designed and developed a clean and intuitive Mobile and Web App for athletes and coaches.

We assisted CompTrain from the research problems to be solved; solution design, with a customer-focused approach, and business objectives; the development and implementation of software with the latest technologies, as well as in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the digital product over time.

From a custom Mobile and Web App, CompTrain offers advanced training features and support for a brand new nutrition program. Users can interact with daily workouts and record their scores on a per-workout basis. New features were created, like age-specific training programs, daily mindset stories, daily warm-ups, workout strategies, and in-app movement videos.

A new registration and onboarding process was developed based on an intuitive keyboard free design, so that athletes can easily complete a registration form and smoothly navigate through the program. This process mitigated the user base loss during the migration process.

Coaches' workout generation process was also integrated into a new Coaching Web Portal. This allows coaches to input their workouts into the system 30% faster, avoiding live streaming whiteboard explanations. Now, CompTrain is able to differentiate itself from the competition through top coaching experience.

Thanks to our solution, our partner is also able to make business decisions based on real-time users’ insights. A new segment of users who train from home was identified, and as a result, their user base increased by 50K.

From this innovation, CompTrain was able to transfer their unique training experience while solidifying and differentiating their brand.

30% faster

New Web Portal enhanced coaching experience

Real time insights

Access to users’ data allows educated business decision making


new users market segment demand


  • August 2019

    Project kick-off

    Our software engineers worked on site at CompTrain’s headquarters in Boston to outline a preliminary inception deck. The goal was to bring CompTrain’s values and mindset to its audience. Our team wrote down a shared understanding of CompTrain’s business model and the project scope while getting stakeholders, coaches, and elite athletes on the same page.

  • November 2019

    Initial prototype ready

    TThe testing phase began as we gathered coaches’ feedback. We ran user experience tests to make sure the product adapted to users’ preferences and needs. We enabled CompTrain’s staff to run future tests independently.

  • May 2020

    Functional app version ready

    We collected users' feedback to fine tune the final product. Our team collaborated on a plan to migrate CompTrain’s users to the new App by creating a new registration and onboarding process.

  • August 2020

    CompTrain app officially launched

    The new App became available to download on the PlayStore and AppStore. CompTrain acquired full independence by shutting down its former third party vendor.

  • September 2020

    Successful migration from third party App

    CompTrain acquired full independence by shutting down its former SaaS account. As a result, the new App runs smoothly with very high conversion rates.

  • November 2020

    Access to real-time users’ insights

    The solution developed by our team helped CompTrain to make informed decisions by accessing critical analytics data from all of its users, in real time. As a result , a new segment of users who train from home was identified, whose needs were incorporated when planning the enhancements and development of new features. As a result, CompTrain's user base increased by 50K.

  • October 2021

    Launching of CompTrain's 2.0 version

    A 2.0 version of the App was launched, which included a Fitness Performance Indicator (FPI). This provides users with an index of their current physical condition and performance level based on the scores entered on the platform.

Comptrain - Personal records mobile app
Comptrain - WOD mobile app
Comptrain - Onboard mobile app
Comptrain - Social mobile app


RJ Condon

We've worked together through discovery, strategy, design, build, testing and launch. After launching the redesigned app we reduced the churn rate by 30% along with a substantial increase in new users. KAIZEN is highly responsive, their team culture is fantastic, and they operate as a dedicated team who sees their clients success as their own. They know when to push back and when to listen. Can't say enough great things about the team and how they conduct themselves through projects.

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