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CompTrain is an online training program that offers a comprehensive approach to training for elite competitors, encompassing physical, mental, and nutrition training. It has a proven track record of success, with many of its athletes consistently performing at the highest levels of competition, including the CrossFit games.

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CompTrain fitness app was running on a standard third-party platform, which limited their business growth due to poor system's capabilities. CompTrain had already worked with two different standard SaaS platforms, which resulted in a 30% loss of user base due to complex registration and onboarding procedures.

Moreover, CompTrain was unable to access its users’ relevant data, while its user base was suffering from limited and unsatisfactory training features. The platform could only provide daily workout routines, and coaches had to live stream explanations of routines on whiteboards, significantly reducing efficiency and taking time away from important training content.

As a result, CompTrain needed a stronger brand and a unique value proposition to stand out in the health & fitness space and scale up its business, but could not achieve this with their standard third-party system. Our challenge was to help CompTrain overcome these limitations and provide a better experience for its users while scaling up its business.

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We built a clean and intuitive mobile and web app for athletes and coaches, which provided advanced training features and support for a brand new nutrition program.

We developed a new registration and onboarding process, which was based on an intuitive keyboard-free design that helped users easily complete the registration form and navigate through the program. This process mitigated the users base loss during the migration process.

We also developed new features, such as age-specific training programs, daily mindset stories, daily warm-ups, workout strategies, and in-app movement videos. These features allowed users to interact with daily workouts and record their scores on a per-workout basis.

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To streamline the workout generation process for coaches, we integrated a new coaching web portal, which allowed coaches to input their workouts into the system 30% faster, avoiding live streaming whiteboard explanations. This allowed CompTrain to differentiate itself from the competition through a top coaching experience.

Our partner is now able to make business decisions based on real-time users’ insights. A new segment of users who trained from home was identified, and as a result, CompTrain’s user base increased by 50K. From this innovation, CompTrain was able to transfer their unique training experience while solidifying and differentiating their brand.

Icon of a timer clock%30 faster
workout input
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Access to user's data allows educated
business decision making
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Our team went to Boston to work with CompTrain on product discovery. We developed an inception deck on site to effectively communicate CompTrain's values and mindset to its audience. We achieved this by creating a shared understanding of CompTrain's business model and defining the project scope, laying the groundwork for future development work.

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We hit a major milestone with the prototype of the product ready. We started user testing by gathering feedback from coaches and running several tests to ensure adaptability to users' needs. We also empowered CompTrain's staff to conduct future tests independently, making progress towards meeting the target audience's requirements.

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Throughout the development process, we continuously collected feedback from users to fine-tune the final product. Our team collaborated on a plan to migrate CompTrain's users to the new app by creating a new registration and onboarding process.

Comptrain Success Case 03

CompTrain launched its new app, now available for download on AppStore and PlayStore. With this launch, CompTrain gained full independence and shut down its third-party platform, resulting in a smooth app performance with high conversion rates.

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A 2.0 version of the app was launched, which included a Fitness Performance Indicator (FPI). This provided users with an index of their current physical condition and performance level based on the scores entered on the platform.

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We placed great importance on user feedback, and based on this feedback, we continuously improved the product to meet the evolving needs of its users. We conducted regular testing and maintenance tasks to ensure that the app remained up-to-date and free of any bugs or technical issues.

Comptrain Success Case 06

We have provided videos and documents to make the training of a new team responsible for the maintenance and support of the app easier. Our main objective was to ensure a seamless transition from our team to the new one, with no further development required, to ensure long-term sustainability. We are proud of our collaboration with CompTrain and committed to providing support whenever needed in the future.

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Comptrain Creative Director - RJ Condon
We've worked together through discovery, strategy, design, build, testing and launch. After launching the redesigned app we reduced the churn rate by 30% along with a substantial increase in new users. KAIZEN is highly responsive, their team culture is fantastic, and they operate as a dedicated team who sees their clients success as their own. They know when to push back and when to listen. Can't say enough great things about the team and how they conduct themselves through projects.
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