Global leader in designing highly scalable IoT solutions for food and pharmacy safety


The client’s initial goal was to become a market leader in its niche by enhancing customer satisfaction results through the improvement of its overall operational processes efficiency.

Kaizen started collaborating on product development with the Customer Success Department, but soon continue to help across multiple projects within the Engineering Department, offering customized software development solutions according to the clients’ needs.

Kaizen’s technical expertise in mobile app technology combined with our commitment to the customer's business needs opened the doors to take on more and more responsibility within their growth strategy.

About this Project

Global leader in designing highly scalable IoT solutions for food and pharmacy safety, facility monitoring, and supply chain visibility.

Headquarters: Boston, MA.

Founded: 2005

Industry: IoT Solutions

Projects: Sensor Scan, Monitoring task and Health screening

Teams: 2 teams


time reduced on technicians visits

False positives diminished


Sales,productivity and reputation


  • The Kaizen team started a product development project with the proof of concept of a Sensor Scan mobile application aimed at increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction results.

    June 2019

    Discovery phase started

  • A team of two developers programmed the first prototype incorporating scanner and back-end data transmission. It was tested on the ground during a job order for a supermarket chain.

    July 2019

    “Sensor Scan" app first prototype is released.

  • Based on the first prototype’s initial success, Kaizen’s UX design team is asked to gather feedback from their field operators and improve app design, while two more developers were added to the mobile application team for a total of four.

    + New team members

    August 2019

    Design improvement and team growth

  • Kaizen is considered to start working on another project. Our team visits to the client’s headquarters in Boston and two developers began working on the client’s Core Platform project.

    September 2019

    Kaizen team visits headquarters in Boston and is invited to work on the client’s Core Platform.

  • One more developer is added to the Core Platform project, bringing the total to three.

    + New team member

    October 2019

    Core Platform team growth

  • One more developer is added to the initial mobile app project, bringing the total to four.

    + New team member

    January 2020

    Sensor scan project team growth

  • A new challenge arises for the client where it needs to rapidly scale up the total amount of effort poured into the “Customer Service Tool Backoffice” program, a satellite project of the Core Platform. Kaizen swiftly provided a solution by moving one of its Core Platform developers to the already established project team.

    February 2020

    Customer Service Tool Backoffice" project starts

  • Team Mobile was created, including a total of five Kaizen developers, to work on the redesign of this project, a custom mobile app for temperature monitoring, food safety, and quality assurance.

    March 2020

    Redesign of the "Monitoring Task" app started

  • Amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus, the project development priorities changed to focus on providing solutions based on market demand.

    April - June 2020

    A digital "Health Screening" app goes from inception to launch in one month

  • One more developer was added to the core platform project.

    + New team member

    August 2020

    Core platform project team growth

  • In one of our geographically distributed teams, the role of Scrum Master was given to a Kaizen team member giving him the responsibility of coordinating the project teams across both companies.

    September 2020

    Accepting new challenges

  • According to the plan devised in March by Kaizen’s Mobile Team, the first functional version of the app was successfully released.

    October 2020

    The first version of the Monitoring task mobile application is released

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