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SmartBorder is a fast, high-speed customs clearance software for air, ocean, rail, and truck shipments. Their mission is to make entering the U.S. easier and more efficient. SmartBorder provides brokers, carriers, and importers with tools to manage their operations and save money.

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The customs clearance industry has strict regulations, which created difficulties for SmartBorder's customers who had to navigate multiple standalone systems to comply with changes. This costs customers time and money to learn each system. Additionally, SmartBorder had limited resources to maintain old assets and meet customers' demands for updated systems.

To address these challenges, SmartBorder aimed to offer a comprehensive solution that meets evolving customer and industry needs while improving quality and speed of time-to-market.

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We teamed up with SmartBorder to create an innovative software solution that merges multiple legacy systems into one easy-to-use program. This SaaS and PC-based application helps brokers, carriers, and importers comply with customs regulations efficiently and manage operations from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Our design team created a user-friendly software solution that puts users at the center. SmartBorder users can now automate back-office processes, manage operations efficiently, and adapt to industry demands. We also developed our own code generator that reduced production times from 4 days to just 10 minutes.

The export module in SmartBorder’s core platform
Icon of a spiral lock nut symbolizing speed of software development2X faster
development speed
Icon of a warning sign with a downside arrow50% to 100%
transaction automation
Icon of a person between two computers symbolizing a system migration100% customer
conversion rate


Our team went to Buffalo, NY to meet with SmartBorder's team and collaborate on product discovery. This face-to-face interaction allowed us to align on business goals and product vision. As a result, we created a proof of concept and the roadmap for the work ahead.

SmartBorder Success Case 01

Our interdisciplinary team of 6 professionals began the project kick-off, focusing on the front-end development using the latest Microsoft and .NET technologies. With insights from the product discovery stage, we created an efficient and user-friendly front-end interface that meets users' needs and problems.

SmartBorder Success Case 02

Our team expanded to 11 members who developed SmartBorder's own back-end code generator using new and innovative techniques. This reduced production time from 4 days to just 10 minutes, making development twice as fast. We also streamlined the process and increased efficiency by developing logistics commerce forms and rules.

SmartBorder Success Case 03

SmartBorder's new application launched with a 100% customer conversion rate, and transaction automation increased from 50% to 100%. Within a few months, 200 new customers joined in with remarkable satisfaction with the product.

SmartBorder Success Case 04

Our team of 18 people visited SmartBorder's headquarters to gather feedback from users and work on new designs. We were also given the opportunity to work on a new project, Autoexports, from the ground up.

SmartBorder Success Case 05

Our team now has 20 people working to improve the software's front-end through redesigns and other improvements. We also provide critical back-end maintenance services to keep the software running smoothly.

SmartBorder Success Case 06

Our team was entrusted with the responsibility of a new project called LEC. It's an innovative solution that automates e-commerce customs brokerage for importers to pre-clear high volumes of low-value parcels entering the U.S.

SmartBorder Success Case 07

Our team initiated the project kick-off for a solution aimed at simplifying the vehicle import process to Canada. This application is part of SmartBorder’s core platform.

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Profile SmartBorder Director of Technology -  Ron Barone
KAIZEN found a solution for everything I’ve thrown at them; they’ve never said they can’t do it. I’m really satisfied. I’ve been in this business for a long time. If I had this team 10 years ago, I’d be in a much different situation right now. I really like them. They offered skilled resources as well as compatible time zones that worked very well with our U.S. development team.
Ron BaroneDirector of Technology - SmartBorder

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