Customs clearance technology for air, ocean, rail and truck imports and exports


SmartBorder’s goals were to increase its quality and speed of software development in order to fulfill its customers' changing needs in a very dynamic industry.

SmartBorder was lacking the bandwidth to cope with the combined challenges of maintaining its older assets and keeping up with an increasing customer demand for updated systems.


The goal of this project was to unify a set of international commerce legacy systems by merging them into a unique and technologically up-to-date web platform while the old systems were maintained during the process.

Kaizen developers created the front-end web platform solution from scratch using the latest technology. To increase productivity, the team created its own code generator which improved certain production timelines by nearly 100%.

About Smart Border

Customs clearance technology for air, ocean, rail, and truck imports and exports. SmartBorder helps brokers, carriers, and importers to manage efficient and cost-effective entry into the U.S. The company has been providing the best compliance software solutions to give its clients a competitive edge.

Headquarters: Buffalo, NY

Founded: 2001

Founder: Ron Barone

Industry: Software, Logistics



improvement in development speed

Operational risk reduction

through customer automation


of customers migrated to the new system


  • Kaizen visits SmartBorder’s headquarters in Buffalo, NY.

    + New team member

    October 2016

    Project discovery starts (2 people)

  • Kaizen developers start development of the new front-end web platform solution from scratch using the latest technologies.

    + New team members

    February 2017

    Front-end project kick off

  • Kaizen starts contributing to a wider spectrum of needs including front-end design, back-end code generation, and logistics commerce forms and rules.

    + New team members

    May 2018

    Design, back-end code generation, and commerce forms

  • Looking to further increase development productivity, the Kaizen development team creates its own front-end code generator, reducing certain production times and boosting development speed by 99.8%.

    + New team members

    April 2018

    Huge optimization of development speed

  • SmartBorder customers start migrating to the new application with high rates of conversion and satisfaction.

    + New team members

    April 2019

    The new platform goes live

  • The Kaizen team visits SmartBorder headquarters embarking on new design suggestions and has the opportunity to meet SmartBorder customers using the new application for the first time.

    November 2019

    New design and customer validation

  • Kaizen starts helping a SmartBorder client with a vehicle import/export solution to Canada. The work includes maintenance of virtual and physical import/export forms, verification of vehicle brand, and security mechanisms.

    + New team members

    July 2019

    SmartBorder offers Kaizen the opportunity to take over a new project

  • SmartBorder continues investing in the growth of the new platform. Kaizen continues to develop front-end enhancements and redesigns while also performing back-end maintenance.

    + New team members

    April 2020

    Achieving objectives despite pandemic limitations



SmartBorder is a software company that needs to move from client-server technology to web systems. Kaizen offered skilled resources as well as compatible time zones that worked very well with our US development team. With the latest Google Angular technology being used, we’re happy to be leading the industry with our newly upgraded trade systems.

Ron Barone

Director of Technology - SmartBorder

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