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What is Product Discovery?

We know how it feels when you’re eager to start a new software project. You might be thinking about a particular idea for some time, which you really want to start as soon as possible.
Product Discovery is an iterative and incremental process to discover if the need for your solution actually exists for your customers. This is all about researching and collecting information to make sure your solution solves the right problems, for the right audience and at the right time.
Successful digital products are built based on qualitative and quantitative user’s insights. Every time we engage with users, we have a real opportunity to validate if there is a gap between what we consider important and what, in fact, they consider important.
We work together, we break the problem down, we research and collect information, we validate assumptions, and prove business outcomes before relevant investment is made in development.

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When is it important?

  • 01

    Your project is complex and/or innovative.

  • 02

    You have an unmet need but not the ideal solution yet.

  • 03

    You need to work with a clear scope.

01 - Your project is complex and/or innovative.

In some cases, defining a scope of work becomes a real challenge. You may have an innovative idea that doesn’t exist on the market or you may not have real information from your target users and the market to approach the solution objectively without falling into assumptions.
Faced with these two scenarios, it's important to understand the target audience, competitive frameworks and the market in order to have the clearest possible image of what you want to solve and to whom.

02 - You have an unmet need but not the ideal solution yet.

A successful product discovery starts with a clear result in mind. For example, a commercial result measures the financial health of the business and generally corresponds to a financial metric (increasing the number of customers) or it shows the progress of a strategic initiative (increasing market share). Our team translates these results into high impact improvements in the product. We work to generate new opportunities that show the potential to boost the results of your products. The opportunity space is infinite.
Finally, we discover which solutions best address those opportunities. The design solution space is unlimited as well. We propose a simple structure: start with a result, discover new opportunities, and then work on the solutions that address those opportunities.

03 - You need to work with a clear scope.

If you have an idea in mind, you will want to know what investment is required to carry it out and when you might be able to launch it. Whether you have the necessary resources to bring this project to reality or not, we help you to understand which solution is the right one for you and what are the necessary resources to make this business idea tangible.

Why should I make a Product Discovery?

Our first goal is to mitigate the risk of building a product nobody wants. Therefore, we will work to discover a useful and feasible product solution to the problem. At this stage, we focus on nailing the value proposition, target audience, business goals and stand-out features of the product—not on writing user stories, designing the user interface, or developing the actual solution.

In short, you should make a Product Discovery to have a clear understanding of the real user problems and then landing on the best way to solve them:

  • Your users will get what they want

    Great ideas can’t exist in isolation from the end-user. Product Discovery is key when there are uncertainties about what to build, for whom and why. We will help you to think like a userand we will share our thoughts with you.
    To better mitigate those risks and create a culture of fluent communication, we promote a collaborative environment to understand, discuss and analyze the problem and solution space of your business proposition and help you define the time and investment needed to present your product to your users.

  • Your product will generate revenue faster

    We work together to figure out how you plan to solve your users’ problems. We create a strategic and operational plan where goals are clarified as well as success criterias and metrics for measuring the potential impact and feasibility of your project.

  • Your product will be relevant

    Although the goal of Product Discovery isn’t necessarily to deliver features, at this stage we will create the suitable environment for learning what is necessary to improve your product incrementally and consistently.


Continous discovery
Based on Agile methodology, we get a continuous delivery of high-valuable software through an iterative process where a multifunctional team creates a meaningful work product at the end of each iteration. The same logic is applied at this stage of product discovery.
Shared documentation
You will get a documented and shared understanding of your project goals, requirements, and vision as well as the problem and solution space of your product. You will be clear on whether your product idea is worth spending money, time and resources.
Success and risk management
The hardest work is still to be done, namely the development of the project. However, if you lead it with a discovery phase, you maximize the probability of its success and minimize the risk of failure and additional financial and time costs. Let's work together to establish a roadmap with the right direction on what to do next!

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