Staff Augmentation: extend your team


Staff Augmentation: extend your team

With proven-track experience and an agile mindset, we focus on bringing value to our partners by aiming for trusted long term relationships. While our team will merge with your staff, cooperating throughout the whole working process, you should also expect seniority and autonomy from them.

We´re focused on delivering business results. The combination of your specific demands with our client-focused approach, technical quality & cultural fit standards are the center of our team composition strategy.

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When to extend your team?

  • 01

    Your project requires particular skilled professionals.

  • 02

    You need to increase the speed of time-to-market.

  • 03

    You need flexible resources.

01 - Your project requires particular skilled professionals

When projects require a little extra expertise, we have the right set of functions and skills on the team with the flexibility to respond to changes as they occur and take immediate action. Access to our talent pool gives you the opportunity to team up with hard-to-find personnel with a tremendous work ethic and drive to succeed.

02 - You need to increase the speed of time-to-market

This approach will let you build a team quickly, save money on the hiring processes and develop the product faster. While your in-house team is left to work on business-oriented tasks, KAIZEN’s team does the additional work you need to have done.

03 - You need flexible resources

Our delivery in Uruguay, South America, gives you the advantage of cultural similarity, the convenience of sharing the same time slot as the US and also, the possibility of obtaining quality software at competitive rates.

How do we do it?

We know that innovation may require specialized talent, that's why we will help you to grow your potential and get the right resources for you:

  • We´ll build a common understanding of the work going ahead

    We help you to define the list of everything that is expected on your project and the people you should get involved with.

  • We´ll create a dream team together

    We can bring new minds on board to your project and work side-by-side with your existing team, improving overall performance and reducing time-to-market.

  • We´ll hire and manage processes for you

    We set up a team in a very flexible and on-demand way. Through an Agile way of working, we are also able to provide assistance or consultation with Product Discovery and UI/UX Design if needed. From KAIZEN, all key areas will be covered with software architects, full stack, frontend and backend developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, testers, product owners and scrum masters.

Why KAIZEN as your outsourcing partner?

  • Collaborative attitude and teamwork that drives successful execution.

  • Constructive feedback on time.

  • Work ethic with clear values.

  • Different levels of expertise according to specific needs.

  • Training and staff motivation instances.

  • Constant improvement.


Resource efficiency and cost savings
Partnering with us enables you to experiment with new strategies without the high risk costs associated with in-house development. While conversion rates from the US dollar to our local currency are favorable, the real value comes from our passion and eagerness to transform your ideas into quality work.
Flexible commitment
Our Agreement gives you the opportunity to ramp up or down and even end the work with 30-60 days advance notice.
Constant feedback
Daily communication through your preferred channels and 2-week sprints with demos at the end of the cycle to show progress and added value.

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