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Who we are


Our founders met in 2010 while working in a multinational information technology service, consulting, and business solutions company, specifically developing software solutions for the US offices of one of the Big Four audit companies in the world. This experience came with lots of learning of how to work with remote teams based in the US, South America, and Asia. We learned the cons of working with offshore teams by suffering the same pains that companies in the US experience when outsourcing to Asia: low quality, large time zone difference, culture mismatch, and language.

About Us

We are a consulting digital product studio focused on quality and innovation. Through a collaborative work process, we transform our clients’ operations and customer satisfaction helping them to achieve their goals. We are passionate about defining the right problems and building scalable solutions to solve complex challenges.

We design, develop and deliver customized software by establishing a productive collaboration where the success of the business relationship matters most. We create a foundation of trust, transparency and flexibility; these are the building blocks of the solid and steady partnership we offer. A trusting relationship unleashes the innovation of our team; in this way, we spend our time and energy in the pursuit of more creative solutions to support your business needs.

Headquarters: Montevideo, Uruguay | Boston, MA.

Founded: 2014

Founders: Rolando - Fabián

Timezone: EST +1


Meet the team

Our Vision

Bring ideas into life, positioning our services as the principal catalyst of client’s business objectives.

Our Mission

Driven by passion we provide ever-improving software engineering services, by creating a company by software developers, for software developers. Sharing and learning cutting-edge technologies by supporting and promoting communities worldwide. We cultivate an environment that shows we care about our clients and employees where values are shared by everyone involved.

Our Values

  • Collaborate with trust, respect and flexibility.
  • Think out of the box by being proactive in recycling new goals out of old problems.
  • Step outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves.
  • Commit with purpose and passion.
  • Guarantee integrity, inspire with actions and lead by example.
  • Promote equality, engage in and ensure that all interactions are carried out at a horizontal level.
  • Be responsible for our actions, remain accountable to our team.
  • Communicate effectively with honesty and transparency.
  • Teach and learn with humility.