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Transforming the way our partners automate & digitize operational processes in IoT, Logistics, Fitness and e-commerce.

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About Us

We are a consulting digital product studio focused on quality and innovation. Through a collaborative work process, we transform our clients’ operations and customer satisfaction helping them to achieve their goals. We are passionate about defining the right problems and building scalable solutions to solve complex challenges.

We design, develop and deliver customized software by establishing a productive collaboration where the success of the business relationship matters most. We create a foundation of trust, transparency and flexibility; these are the building blocks of the solid and steady partnership we offer. A trusting relationship unleashes the innovation of our team; in this way, we spend our time and energy in the pursuit of more creative solutions to support your business needs.

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Comptrain mobile app - Success case

A fitness mobile & web app

Discover how we built an intuitive and clean customer experience for athletes and coaches around the world. A brand-new customized training program was born!


You call it a challenge? We are ready, bring it on.
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Areas We Mastered

  • What we do in our software development company

    What we do

    • Web Development
    • Mobile Development (iOS & Android)
    • Software Architecture
    • Frontend Development
    • Backend Development
    • Internet Of Things
  • How we do it in our software development company

    How we do it

    • Agile philosophy
    • Scrum and kanban
    • Lean Product Development
    • Concept to MVP
    • (Minimun Viable Product)
    • Design Thinking
    • Product discovery
  • How we care in our software development company

    How we care

    • Quality assurance (QA)
    • Automated Testing
    • Security
    • Performance and error monitoring
    • Cloud Computing
    • DevOps
  • How it feels when we work in our software development company

    How it feels

    • Human-centered design
    • User experience design & research (UX)
    • Interaction design (IxD)
    • User interface design (UI)
    • Wireframing & Prototyping
    • High Fidelity Prototyping
    • Data visualization

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Posted 12 April, 2022

How to hire software developers? Ensure powerful outcomes by having an engaged software team

In 2021, we had over 302 candidates went through our software developer hiring process. After carrying out 302 recruiter screens, 177 cultural interviews, 106 technical interviews, 15 new hires were made, resulting in an  investment of more than 400 hours of interviews. Since feedback on our hiring process from both our interviewees and clients has been highly positive, we’d like to share with you the insights of this valuable journey. In this post, we will cover our in-house designed 5-step


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You call it a challenge? We are ready, bring it on