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Product Discovery


Product discovery is a crucial research phase where we focus on identifying, understanding and defining the specific problems that your software solution is aiming to solve.

Our goal is to ensure that your software product has a clear purpose, truly meets the needs of your target audience, and is technically scalable before actually building it.

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We'll guide you through these steps, typically taking 1-3 weeks, depending on your project's complexity and size.


Defining a Clear Project Scope

Even when we have a solution in mind, our discovery process works to identify and define the problems that our product truly needs to solve. This clarity allows for a more accurate estimation and allocation of resources required to our project success.

Meeting User Needs

By understanding users’ pain points and preferences, we gain insights into how our product can address them. This understanding guides the design of features and functionality, ensuring they are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of our end-customers.

Building Scalable Products

Discovery isn’t just a phase, it’s the foundation of product management. It prioritizes features based on their impact on users and aligns them with our business goals. This focus enables us to start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and gradually refine it based on user feedback and target market demands.

Optimizing Development Costs

Identifying technological needs and requirements in the project discovery phase enables us to pick the most fitting tech stack. By choosing the right tools and platforms from the beginning, we reduce the chances of expensive changes or integrations later in the development process—a significant pain point for any development team.


Product Development

Have an innovative idea in mind? Dive deep into user needs, explore different solutions, and make a detailed plan for your project.

Software Modernization

Updating your software isn’t just about making it look modern. Identify key areas for enhancement and introduce new features to implement. This makes sure your software doesn’t just keep up, but actually gets ahead.

Continuous Improvement

Don’t stop at good enough! Discovery isn’t only for new projects, it’s a tool for constant improvement. Regularly gather user feedback for step-by-step enhancements, issue resolution, and ensure your product consistently resonates with what your customers want.


Time and Cost Estimation

Gain clarity in your project planning. Receive a comprehensive assessment of resources, detailing the time required, expertise needed, and essential tools for success. This insight empowers you to make informed decisions, facilitating efficient resource allocation.

Interactive Prototype

Test before you invest. Get a prototype to test your product in the market. By gathering insights early, you can make informed refinements before committing to full-scale development. 

Prioritized Roadmap

Navigate with purpose. Receive a custom roadmap that outlines features and key steps to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This tailored guide empowers you to prioritize effectively, focusing on elements that matter most for your project success.


Kaizen did a very deep study of both our business model and code and came up with several ideas for moving into the future. They listened to our needs and understood the big picture. Here’s the most amazing part – in the course of their research, they determined that our best course of action was a SaaS solution that they didn’t offer. And they were right. Choosing this path has saved us considerable time and money. 

Instead of trying to sell us on something they could do, they gave us expert advice. In all of my years in business, this is one of the most memorable experiences of integrity and technical know-how. This is how business should be done.”

Client: Alex Farkas, Co-Founder at UGallery
Alex Farkas, Co-Founder at UGallery

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