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Our people bring passion and innovation to every dimension of their work. Are you willing to start a new adventure?

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Interview stages


Check our interview steps and get an idea of the process to be a part of KAIZEN

Technical Interview

Depending on the position you applied to join, we’ll evaluate your knowledge and management of the technology stack required for the project or the necessary set of skills for your role.

Cultural Interview

We have clear cultural standards that define who we are. Let’s talk about our interests, motivations and expectations to see if there’s a cultural fit between us.

Team Interview

Meet the team members of the position you applied to join, and talk about the challenges you will have to face in your role.

Psychometric Interview

Unstructured one-on-one conversation with a people care specialist to learn more about your soft skills, cognitive ability and personality patterns to evaluate future behaviors in the work environment.

Client Interview

Optional interview to meet the client you will be working for and provide a space for an open-round Q&A session.

Life at KAIZEN Softworks

We are passionate about what we do and believe that we can make a difference in the world. We use all of our talents and energy to confront challenges that others won't.

We offer a variety of benefits that include flexible and remote working, annual allowances to buy any specific gadget, English lessons, cost support for enrolling to courses to develop new skills, career path opportunities, and more.

Meet our people

We value the contributions and commitment of our people. See what they have to say about their work at KAIZEN.

Computer Software, Logistics & Supply Chain

A logistics & supply chain platform

How to deal with out-of-date legacy systems? Check out the result of our innovation: a fast, quality and new software was the key to success.

Information Technology & Services, Internet of Things

Cost-efficient IoT solutions

Our client had to improve its operational processes efficiency. Discover how our technical expertise in mobile app technology enhanced from scratch their customer satisfaction.

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