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Full-Stack Developer

We're on the lookout for talent thriving in both frontend and backend development. Dive into cutting-edge technologies like React, Angular, and Vue.js for frontend, along with ASP.NET Core, Node.js, and Java for backend. Be part of crafting the future of digital solutions with us.

Frontend Developer

Join our dynamic team where you'll work with technologies like React Native, React.js, Angular, Next.js and Vue.js. Your role involves creating visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces that engage users and elevate their digital experiences.

Backend Developer

Passionate about crafting robust and scalable back-end solutions? Dive into technologies like ASP.NET Core, Node.js, and Java to build the backbone of our web and mobile applications. Be part of a collaborative environment where your contributions shape the future of digital solutions.

UI/UX Designer 

Transform ideas into meaningful digital experiences with our UX design team. Your responsibility includes designing visually appealing apps, creating user-friendly interfaces, and ensuring an exceptional user experience. Join us in crafting digital solutions that resonate with users and make a lasting impact.

QA Automation Engineer 

Design and implement automated testing solutions to ensure the reliability and performance of our web and mobile apps throughout the entire development life cycle. Your attention to detail and commitment to technical excellence will be the driving force behind our flawless solutions.

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Take Control of Your Schedule

Choose your beginning and ending work times to align with your needs. And if ever you need a day off, reclaim those hours on your terms. Your schedule, your control.

Work Wherever Inspires You

Decide when to work remotely and when to come to the office for valuable face-to-face interactions with the team. Experience the best of both worlds, tailored to inspire your success.

Build Tomorrow With Us

We work in a horizontal structure, where decisions are team efforts within self-organized groups, breaking away from traditional management. Contribute to company decisions and actively play a role in shaping our path forward.

Engage in Knowledge Sharing

Join in engaging talks, workshops, and meetups crafted for sharing knowledge with the team. Got a burning passion about a topic? Step up and lead a session with the team!

Enjoy Team Hangouts

Be part of a culture that loves hanging out together. Whether it’s weekly BBQs, gaming night at the office, or holidaying at a beach house, we keep it real with a friendly vibe that’s all about working together and having a good time.


Private health insurance coverage at SUMMUM.
$1200 budget allowance to purchase your personal computer.
An annual learning budget of $1000 to invest in your professional development.
Alongside the 20 days of vacation, enjoy an additional 2 paid vacation days.
Tailored English lessons at no cost to you.
A weekly meal at the office: delivery or asado.
Choose your birthday and work anniversary gifts. 
Exclusive discounts through our association with CUTI.


  1. An image featuring a man engaging in animated conversation with a team seated around a table. He uses expressive hand gestures to communicate and share ideas.

    Cultural Interview: Matching Values and Aspirations

    Connect with us to explore your interests and expectations, gaining insights into how we work at Kaizen and ensuring a seamless alignment with our values.
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  2. Technical Interview: Showcasing Your Expertise

    We'll explore your technical skills, evaluating your knowledge in the tech stack or role-specific abilities. This is also an opportunity to get details about the projects you'll be working on.
    Learn More
  3. An image capturing a collaborative team effort as members work together on a project, each engrossed in their individual tasks on separate computers. The atmosphere is one of shared focus and teamwork.

    Team Interview: Embracing Collaboration

    Meet the team you'll be working with as we explore the challenges ahead. Demonstrate your ability to thrive in a collaborative environment and connect with your future teammates.
    Learn More
  4. An image capturing a man engaged in a video call with a client, shown from behind.

    Client Interview: Nurturing Relationships

    Connect with the client through empathetic, clear, and direct communication. Ask questions openly, and use this opportunity to gain valuable project insights while establishing a personal connection.
    Learn More


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