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About Us

We are a consulting digital product studio focused on quality and innovation. Through a collaborative work process, we transform our clients’ operations and customer satisfaction helping them to achieve their goals. We are passionate about defining the right problems and building scalable solutions to solve complex challenges.

We design, develop and deliver customized software by establishing a productive collaboration where the success of the business relationship matters most. We create a foundation of trust, transparency and flexibility; these are the building blocks of the solid and steady partnership we offer. A trusting relationship unleashes the innovation of our team; in this way, we spend our time and energy in the pursuit of more creative solutions to support your business needs.

  • Headquarters:Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Commercial Office:Boston, MA.
  • Founded:2014
  • Founders: Rolando - Fabián
  • CEO:Bruno
  • Timezone: EST +1

Our Story

  • 2010

    A software company on the horizon.

    • Business idea
    • New opportunities

    Rolando Larrainci and Fabián Fernández, met while working at a multinational information technology services company, specifically developing software solutions for the U.S. offices of one of the Big Four leading auditing firms. In the years working for that company, they gained insight about the pains of working with remote teams based on different corners of the world: strong vertical hierarchical structure, large time zone difference, culture mismatch and language. When observing these adversities they understood the great opportunity they had in front of their eyes!

  • 2014

    KAIZEN Softworks was founded.

    • Small team
    • KAIZEN foundation

    Our founders quit their jobs and started a new adventure. Since KAIZEN’s inception, they conceived the idea of a transparent and flexible company that, based on a horizontal structure and a collaborative mindset, could provide high quality software solutions for the U.S. and Uruguay markets. In the beginning, KAIZEN started as a backyard little office with 3 people eager to explore that market niche.

  • 2015

    Delivery Center opens in Montevideo, Uruguay.

    • Expansion
    • Partnerships
    • Diversification

    The team grows with people working on small projects with very diverse partners (some national, others from the U.S.). Already at this point, there was a clear willingness to specifically target U.S. customers.

  • 2016

    Growth & learnings

    • B2B relationships
    • Bigger team

    Large partnerships were established, which allowed an interesting growth in both headcount and new industries. Back in those days, each of these clients needed to consolidate small teams of 2 or 3 people. Over the years these teams grew up to have 15 people working simultaneously in one of the largest projects. 2016 was a year of great learnings in which the business target was recalibrated and aimed again at the U.S., closing relations with local clients.

  • 2017

    Commercial office opens in Boston, MA

    • New offices
    • Local presence

    Thanks to our efforts and achievements, it became necessary to have a local presence in the U.S. to be closer to our partners.

  • 2020

    Market recognition

    • Growth
    • Awards

    Our work was showing off. We were recognized as the Largest Exporter Company of ICT Services (Information & Communications Technology) in Uruguay, gaining the same recognition again in 2021.

  • 2021

    Constant learning and new challenges.

    • Established company
    • Constant learning

    Nowadays, we take pride in being a company which works with Agile principles and a collaborative mindset. Our commitment is to provide the space for people to be their greatest selves. We believe the true path to success lies in supporting people to thrive at work and live great lives. We do our best not only to ensure our partners but also our team constant learning & professional growth, making sure they achieve their best outcomes. We believe this way of working is much more efficient, generating more transparency and flexibility, improving the value delivered to our partners.

  • 2022

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Bring ideas into life, positioning our services as the principal catalyst of our clients' business objectives

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We share and apply cutting-edge technologies and data-driven practices to design and develop digital products for our clients. Through a collaborative culture, we foster genuine long-lasting relationships that allow us to iteratively seek business opportunities and turn them into business outcomes



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Collaborate with trust, respect and flexibility.


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Think out of the box by being proactive in recycling new goals out of old problems.


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Step outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves.


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Commit with purpose and passion.


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Guarantee integrity, inspire with actions and lead by example.


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Promote equality, engage in and ensure that all interactions are carried out at a horizontal level.


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Be responsible for our actions, remain accountable to our team.


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Communicate effectively with honesty and transparency.


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Teach and learn with humility.

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