Announcing new CEO: Bruno Bologna
Posted 30 December, 2019

Announcing new CEO: Bruno Bologna

The times they are a-changin' at Kaizen Softworks. We have a new CEO at our company: Bruno Bologna.


Bruno brings more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, having roles under his belt from client support, sales, business analysis, process improvement, to a software developer, technical leader, and software architect.

Since his incorporation to our company in December 2015, he has been playing a key role in the direction of Kaizen. He is a member of the Board since then and has been involved with several projects. Starting his career at Kaizen as Software Developer, with roles of Architect and Tech Leader, he has evolved during the last 3 years to a role where he is more actively engaged in the general direction of the company. With a great interest in people & process, he has been a key player in suggesting, implementing, and developing new and better ways of running the firm, in line with our continuous improvement motto.

The decision of passing the direction to a new CEO comes from both of our founders, Fabian Fernandez (former CEO), and Rolando Larrainci (former CTO), who will be leaving their executive roles in January 2020, engaging only at the Board Member level to collaborate with Bruno with the strategic vision and direction of the company. This movement will allow our founders to focus more on the general picture and not in the daily operations of the company, gaining time to develop new ventures and pursue new dreams.

The change is bringing great news to everyone involved as the reorganization is generating new roles and allowing people to grow in their career paths taking new and more challenging responsibilities as the ones executed once by Fabian and Rolando are being appropriately delegated into our new CEO, Bruno, and new roles like Account Managers, People Care, Client Care, and Sales Manager, among others.

2019 has been a great year of growth at Kaizen along with several hours of continuous work on how to best proceed with the transition to our new CEO. He will have a challenging 2020 where one of the main objectives is to implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) at the company and team levels. Bruno has been studying OKRs all along 2019, thinking about how to best implement this process at Kaizen. Together with our founders, they have come to the following company-wide OKRs.

2020 OKRs

Company-wide objective: Mature and grow in this new stage, promoting our values in the process.


  • Prioritize professional growth and increase satisfaction while maintaining retention.
  • Carry out the reorganization promoting and reviewing culture and values within Kaizen.
  • Increase revenue, maintain the profit margin.
  • Exert a positive influence on the client beyond the limits of each project (Driven by passion we provide ever-improving software engineering services).

Here's John Doerr on OKRs:

We look forward to the success of Bruno as CEO at Kaizen and to keep the continuous improvement our founders have promoted since day one. Cheers!

You can get in touch with Bruno on LinkedIn if you want to continue the conversation.

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