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Speed Up Your Web Development: Sass
Posted 05 September, 2018

Speed Up Your Web Development: Sass

This is the first of a series of posts that aim to make your life easier and enhance your productivity while developing websites, by giving you useful and industry proven tools and tips. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The scenario is simple, you're developing a website or web app, and for sure you want it to look as good as you can, which is obviously accomplished by using CSS. Then you find yourself repeating tag names, properties, colors, an

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Pablo MarcanoFull Stack Developer @ Kaizen Softworks
Firebase push notifications using a .NET Backend
Posted 11 April, 2018

Firebase push notifications using a .NET Backend

At Kaizen Softworks we are currently working on a site that uses Angular 2, .NET and Azure as main technologies. In addition to this project, our client was needing a mobile application that was going to use the same database as the web-app due to the fact that they share information, so we needed a way to send notifications from the backend with hidden information to the mobile app, these messages were going to be carrying all the information needed on each action the notification was going to

What’s your strategy to move to the cloud?
Posted 08 May, 2017

What’s your strategy to move to the cloud?

It’s no surprise if I say we are living in a Cloud-First tech world. If you are not at least thinking about the idea of moving your legacy and current systems to the Cloud, or at least integrating part of them with cloud services, or not thinking about the cloud when architecting your new software systems, then you are falling behind. You are ditching the opportunity to be more agile, reduce costs and differentiate from the pack. I recently had the pleasure of being the Keynote speaker of the G

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