Visits to clients offices during 2019
Posted 02 September, 2019

Visits to clients offices during 2019

Team collaboration is key to develop quality software. While we work most of the time from our Delivery Center to deliver software applying agile methodologies, having the chance to meet in person with our clients to collaborate, work on details, and reduce ramp-up time, usually at the beginning of the project, is highly valuable for everyone involved.

During 2019 our team traveled 4 times to meet with customers based in Boston, MA and Buffalo, NY. SmartBorder, Blueport, and SmartSense are some of them. You can learn about their feedback online.

Usually, these trips take 1 week where we visit the client, have several meetings, work side by side, adjust details, and of course have some fun outside the office to build a great and trusting relationship.

KAIZEN Softoworks' photo at the airport
KAIZEN Softworks' photo of team members with clients
KAIZEN Softworks' team members playing foosball with SmartSense team
KAIZEN Softoworks photo of team members having lunch with SmartSense team members
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