Cloud Migration of a Leading eCommerce Platform

Client: Blueport Ecommerce Logo


Blueport is the leading eCommerce platform for furniture used by the largest retailers in North America to run their omnichannel websites.

Designed to overcome the challenges of selling furniture online, the Blueport SaaS eCommerce platform plugs into any furniture ERP system to quickly launch sites fully integrated with stores.


Boston, Massachusetts

Company Size

50-100 employees


Ongoing since 2016


Migrate to the Cloud and Meet Customer Needs

As Blueport gained more customers, fulfilling custom feature requests from new clients became increasingly challenging.

Additionally, there was a need to shift the eCommerce platform from a single, complex system to the cloud for improved scalability, speed, and cost efficiency. However, due to limited in-house software engineering resources, Blueport faced constraints in making this shift.

Screenshot of an e-commerce website displaying a variety of furniture products, showcasing an online shopping experience for home furnishings


Successful Cloud Migration and New Features

Our dedicated team started by assessing Blueport’s software development processes and code quality. Upon identifying a significant technical debt, we engaged in detailed technical discussions to determine the most effective approach. One notable solution we suggested and successfully implemented, involved migrating to a new Angular architecture and adopting the frontend facades architectural pattern. This approach doubled Blueport’s development speed.

A web screen of the ecommerce platform for selling furniture

With our team’s assistance in revamping the development roadmap, we not only successfully identified but also implemented several key features that significantly enhanced the user experience. These solutions included:

Cloud Migration
We facilitated the migration of Blueport’s platform to the cloud, enhancing its scalability and performance.

Amazon Pay
We incorporated Amazon Pay into the platform to provide users with a convenient payment option.

Split Payment 
This functionality allows users to divide a single purchase across multiple payment methods. 

Store Locator
This feature helps users find the nearest store to their location and provides information about its operating hours.

Enhanced Product Detail Page

Users can effortlessly choose product characteristics such as color and design.

Mentoring Blueport’s Team

We led mentoring sessions in Angular and .NET, and created an onboarding process for new team members joining Blueport’s team.

Currently, our team handles regular maintenance tasks and assists in onboarding new clients for Blueport, freeing up their time to focus on their core business objectives.



Client: Marcos Elugardo, VP of Engineering at Blueport

“I like the people. The people have high skill sets, they are very engaged. They own their work, they care about the success of the project. They are just like other people at the team, they are very committed. Also I enjoy the personalities of the people, they are fun to have around and they took very seriously the mentoring of other team members. People also contribute right away and the high quality is that they are very engaged”. 

Marcos Elugardo, VP of Engineering at Blueport

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