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What is Product Development?

Clever people don’t have all the answers but they ask the right questions. Understand, build, learn, iterate, do it again.
We bring value to our clients by aiming for long term relationships. We obtain a broader understanding of product development working side by side. We believe in the collaborative work of our different teams: our software engineers know how to code, our UI/UX designers how to design and our team how to manage the project. And we also know how to have fun while doing all these!

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When is it important?

  • 01

    I’ve validated an idea and want to start development

  • 02

    I need to make ongoing iterations based on user-feedback and strategic goals

  • 03

    I have a product roadmap but don’t have the resources to implement it

01 - I’ve validated an idea and want to start development

Some solutions may be obvious, while others may be less intuitive. This is where the team stretches and applies their creativity to come up with a product that meets the customer's needs. With alegitimate product concept in hand, we will build together the product roadmap and identify which topics and goals are critical to develop first so as to address major pain points and spur adoption.
Developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a good start as it plays a key role in agile development. From this stage ahead , your team will be able to gather a batch of confirmed learning about customers with very little effort.
The idea is to test the usage scenario to have better insightsregarding marketing strategies, prioritization process and to complete the product backlog. In the end, you’ll turn out with a more user-centric solution.

02 - I need to make ongoing iterations based on user-feedback and strategic goals

At KAIZEN, we want to create solutions of lasting value. Your product development strategy, regardless of being systematic, should also be dynamic. based on feedback and product’s performance and should continuously be modified.
Through our cross-functional team, we will work together on spanning the entire product cycle, from the initial challenge to continuously improving the product based on the needs of the market. Over time, the product roadmap will evolve based on the learnings we got, and the strategic goals set for this product. This work never ends until it is finally time to retire a product at the end of its life cycle.

03 - I have a product roadmap but don’t have the resources to implement it

Once the product roadmap is settled, it's time to make things happen. Implementation teams can create schedules, break important topics into sprints, and generate product iterations. From these instances, a feedback loop is spawned between your team and ours, where we identify new opportunities, point out deficiencies and shed light on areas that need to be improved or expanded.
A cycle of data reviews, feedback synthesis, and continual updating of the product roadmap ensue, while refining the product backlog that ensures maximum impact on each development cycle.

How do we do it?

  • Business Discovery: Define the product to be created and the execution context

    Your journey with us starts here. We begin with an initial business discovery meeting to smooth the transition from our sales team to our development team. We collect information, we discuss your specific needs and we answer general project’s questions and requirements.
    Because your needs will determine the processes and steps to be takenalong the discovery phase, it is important that everyone involved is introduced to your project in a collaborative environment. To put it simply, at this stage we look to determine business goals, needs and product vision.

  • Proposal: Set pen to paper and plan the product building strategy

    Considering your business goals, audience needs, time and budget constraints, we come up with an adaptable and non-linear working plan that respects these constraints. This plan will outline the first steps to be taken, having the validation of our assumptions as a priority, fostering learning and minimizing risks. We’ll guide you through defining which tools and technologies best to use to address your project’s dimension; structure a well-balanced team according to various engineering roles needed in order to maximize productivity; and a project estimation on a time & material basis so you can set your investment.

  • Jumpstart: Lay the ground for a successful development process

    We focus on empowering a team who will nurture a transparent, collaborative and productive relationship all along this journey. Our proposed jumpstart is flexible, on-demand, fast and easy, and it will allow you to have the best talent possible without overwhelming recruiting processes.
    Once the candidate reaches the final interviews, we will work on his blind resume, conducting the final interview with you and, if confirmed, we will start the negotiation with the candidate.

  • Development and delivery: Continuous improvement or Kaizen!

    We are the partner for your go-to-market. Our multidisciplinary team works in an Agile way and by using scrum methodology we create product increments every two weeks. We will keep your project on time and you will be able to interact, test and validate it on a regular basis. Having early validation of your product is crucial to lay a solid ground for your business.
    We continuously measure the impact of your product by performing usability testing to identify improvements, and support it with the latest trends. This approach allows us to build a minimum viable product (MVP) increasing your speed to market.


Success management
We help you to ensure that your planning delivers the expected benefits, by setting measurable goals and reviewing progress at each stage of development, from idea generation, through technical and business evaluation, to development and launch. The key to success is to focus on developments that meet genuine customer needs, rather than developing cool technical features that customers don't need.
Risk management
New product development means doing something new. Uncertainty in product development arises for many reasons. When generating ideas, it's important to run research on market requirements, leading to developments that meet customer needs as well as a technical evaluation. In this sense, we drive the identification of uncertainty based on an experienced cross-functional team that creates the framework to ensure that the project doesn't suffer from unconsidered factors.
Resource efficiency and cost savings
Partnering with us enables you to experiment with new strategies without the high risk costs associated with in-house development. While conversion rates from the U.S. dollar to our local currency are favorable, the real value comes from our passion and eagerness to transform your ideas into quality work.
A strong reputation
By improving the performance of existing products, you will be able to win business from competitors who can't match the new level of performance. By conducting research with customers or sales representatives, you can identify the performance factors that are most important to the market and set measurable targets for improvement.

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