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What is Product Development?

We are dedicated to bringing your product vision to life. Our experienced team of Full-Stack Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Automation Specialists and Product Owners are ready to apply their expertise and passion to your project.

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Whether you’re starting a project from scratch or enhancing an existing product, our iterative process covers every stage of the product development lifecycle. From user research and product design, to development, testing and continuous improvement, we ensure that we will build the right product for your target audience.

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Our process

At the heart of our development process lies a commitment to Lean and Agile principles. By leveraging the Scrum framework, we create flexible working plans that are adaptable to changes in the market and customers’ feedback. This approach helps us deliver high-quality products with faster turnaround times.

  • Understand and define

    Products solve problems. Therefore, our journey begins by understanding your business goals and your target audience. We rely on market and user research to get a clear picture of which user’s problems, goals and core needs should be addressed.

  • Conceptualizing the product

    Some solutions may be obvious, while others may be less intuitive. We invest our time and creativity in exploring how the product can effectively meet users’ needs.

  • Validating the solution

    We gather user feedback to minimize the risks of relying on assumptions and enhance the designed solution. Our iterative approach ensures that your solution meets user needs, ultimately saving time and resources in the development process.

  • Building the product roadmap

    With a validated product concept, we build a flexible product roadmap, prioritizing tasks and goals to tackle major pain points and increase adoption. We work with Scrum to plan, deliver and refine our work every 2 weeks as our sprint duration.

  • Developing and releasing a minimum viable product (MVP)

    We believe in working on an initial version of the product with enough functionality for customers to conduct experiments, gauge interest, and initiate a feedback loop for prioritizing product backlog items based on customer input.

  • Ongoing iteration based on user feedback and strategic goals

    We continuously enhance, expand, and improve your product based on user feedback and market demands. We showcase updates daily and make a product demo at the end of each 2 weeks sprint cycle.

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