SmartBorder Announces Partnership with Kaizen Softworks to Develop New Web Applications
Posted 08 February, 2017

SmartBorder Announces Partnership with Kaizen Softworks to Develop New Web Applications

Experienced development firm will improve time to market for new functionality

SmartBorder, an import compliance software suite, is pleased to announce their partnership with Kaizen Softworks, a Uruguayan development firm specializing in Google’s Angular development platform. SmartBorder will leverage Kaizen Softworks' experience in web development to create new web components for their compliance software suite.

“We are excited to partner with Kaizen Softworks to use Google’s Angular – one of the fastest web technologies available. It will be able to easily handle our large data entry requirements in the enterprise environment.” said Ron Barone, Director of Technology, SmartBorder.

The Angular framework allows for increased productivity, scalability, and flexibility for application development. These benefits are important in the international trade industry where new regulations are constantly being implemented. Having cutting-edge technology is a competitive advantage for SmartBorder’s customers which include customs brokers, importers, and carriers.

Accuracy of the modules is also key; as urgent shipments can be delayed or penalties issued if information is not transmitted correctly or timely to the appropriate government agencies. Using
a firm that has in-depth experience in web development will create a better platform going forward, making it easier to release new functionality with fewer bugs.

In addition to new features and increased efficiency, SmartBorder customers can look forward to more capacity to automate and customize the new application for their needs. As organizations
are increasingly moving towards software being built around their unique business, SmartBorder knows that the flexibility of this technology will be extremely beneficial to its customers.

Both firms are excited to begin working together. Agreements are in place with programming set to begin in Q1 2017.

About SmartBorder: Launched in 2001, the SmartBorder line of U.S. Customs compliance software was designed from the ground up to increase productivity for customs brokers, carriers, and self-directed importers. With new guidelines and regulations being implemented at an ever-increasing pace, SmartBorder has proven its adaptability by constantly offering solutions that are extremely flexible, exceedingly reliable and most importantly increase the productivity of their client’s workforce.

About Kaizen Softworks

We are a Tech Development Shop. Collaborative, communicative and flexible. A self-organized team with experience working with startups and large companies. Our
lightweight process is based on the agile and lean principles. We combine state of the art clientside
technologies with a scalable cloud backend to deliver cost efficient and cross platform

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