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Streamlining Logistics Operations with a Custom Web Application

Client: SmartBorder Logistics Logo


SmartBorder specializes in compliance and logistics software solutions. Their primary goal is to help brokers, carriers, and importers of all

sizes in the efficient and cost-effective management of their U.S. entry process, all while ensuring compliance with customs regulations. 


Cheektowaga, New York

Company Size

50-100 employees


Ongoing since 2016


Integration of Standalone Legacy Systems

A multitude of standalone systems, each addressing different logistics compliance requirements, coexisted in the same space, making it hard for SmartBorder customers to work with them seamlessly. The absence of a unified solution was a challenge.

SmartBorder struggled to manage both the upkeep of its older assets and the increasing demand from customers for updated systems. Furthermore, due to its development focus on meeting changing requirements, bug fixing took a backseat until it became a serious issue.

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Build a Logistics Management Software

Our dedicated team worked closely with SmartBorder to consolidate a set of legacy systems into a single, technologically up-to-date web application, while ensuring the old systems were still maintained during the transition. Throughout the entire process, our UX design team played a crucial role in researching users’ needs to craft an efficient and intuitive solution.

Snapshot of the SmartBorder Logistics Operations Management Screen, showcasing advanced tools for efficient cargo tracking, real-time updates, and comprehensive logistics oversight to optimize operational workflows

We collaborated closely with SmartBorder’s engineering team, incorporating their code. During this process, our developers observed repeated patterns across systems. To address this, we identified and documented these redundancies, creating a procedure to expedite future projects and boost efficiency.

In a bid to enhance productivity further, our team created a frontend code generator, reducing production times from 4 days to just 10 minutes.

Screenshot of the SmartBorder Logistics Web Application Home Desk, featuring a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and comprehensive logistics management tools for streamlined operations

After a few legacy systems were integrated into the web platform, our team simultaneously delved into the backend development. Additionally, we assisted SmartBorder in transitioning their source control management technology from VS Source Control to GIT, resulting in improved release management and version fixes. We provided comprehensive documentation and workflow support at every stage.

A laptop screen displaying a logistics enterprise web application interface

At present, our dedicated team of 20+ members remains committed to providing ongoing support, implementing enhancements, and promptly addressing any issues that may arise. This commitment ensures that the web application consistently delivers optimal performance for SmartBorder customers.


From 50% to 100% automation of the logistics and customs compliance process.

The development of our own code generator made software development 99.8% faster.

Our focus on UX research ensured a user-friendly solution, leading to a 95% customer conversion rate to the new system.



“They’re very hungry. They’ve found a solution for everything I’ve thrown at them; they’ve never said they can’t do it. I’m really satisfied. I’ve been in this business for a long time. If I had this team 10 years ago, I’d be in a much different situation right now. I really like them”.
Ron Barone,
Director of Technology
at SmartBorder


Logistics & Supply Chain

Delve into the modernization of this custom web app for vehicle exports from the U.S. to Canada, resulting in an enhanced user experience and seamless customs clearance.

Logistics & Supply Chain
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