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SmartSense by Digi is the global leader in designing highly scalable IoT solutions for Food and Pharmacy safety, facility monitoring, and supply chain visibility. It serves 2.000 organizations in 75 countries including Walmart, CVS Health, SpaceX, Apple, Coca Cola, McDonald's, U.S. Department of State.

Install is a mobile app designed to simplify the work of field technicians by allowing them to scan sensors and link hardware devices to facility locations in real-time. It reduces errors and eliminates the need for manual data entry, making work more efficient.

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SmartSense encountered a challenge when installing sensors became a manual and time-consuming process. This resulted in slower installations per day and raised maintenance costs, which damaged their brand as a global leader. To enhance customer satisfaction and improve their operational efficiency, they needed to find a solution to streamline their sensor installation process.

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MVP (Minimum Viable Product)


Our team developed a custom mobile app to help SmartSense streamline their time-consuming and manual sensor installation process. The app enables field technicians to scan sensors and link hardware devices to facility locations in real-time and provide maintenance alerts. This has improved the efficiency and accuracy of facility management, enabling technicians to work faster and with greater precision. As a result, productivity has increased and customer satisfaction has improved.

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Screenshot of Gateway Connection module in Sensor Scan mobile app
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increase in
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technicians' visits

Tech Stack

These are some of the technologies used in the development of this project.

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Our team identified the problems and needs of SmartSense users, as well as the company's goals of improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on this information, we designed a mobile app called 'Install' that allows technicians to scan sensors and connect them to a location in real-time.

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Our team built an initial prototype with a scanner and back-end data transmission. We tested the prototype with a job order from a supermarket chain and used the feedback to improve and refine the product's quality.

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Following the success of the first prototype, our UI/UX design team gathered feedback from field operators to enhance the app's customer experience and developed the MVP.

Screenshots of Sensor Scan’s Minimum Viable Product

Our team successfully developed and released the app, which generated a 50% reduction in the time required for technicians' visits. This increased productivity and customer satisfaction based on positive feedback.

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A Kaizen team member was assigned the role of Scrum Master to ensure effective collaboration between both companies.

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Our commercial team visited SmartSense’s headquarters in Boston to discuss business goals, explore new ways of collaboration, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Our team underwent a re-organization to work more closely with SmartSense's development team across various projects, such as SmartSense NEXT, Safetemps and SmartSense core platform. This way, our team seamlessly integrated with the SmartSense team, improving communication and collaboration.

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Ex VP of Program Management- SmartSense by Digi  -  Dave Raymond
They’re a team of talented, empathetic individuals that’s easy to work with. They’re flexible, thoughtful partners that have done a great job of investigating our business to provide the best solutions. If something seems incorrect to them, they aren’t afraid to push back either. They truly hit the ground running
Dave RaymondEx VP of Program Management - SmartSense by Digi
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