Simplifying Vehicle Exports Through App Modernization

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SmartBorder specializes in offering software solutions for the logistics industry. They help brokers, carriers, and importers of all sizes manage their U.S. entry processes efficiently and cost-effectively 

while ensuring they follow customs regulations.  AutoExports is a standalone application, created in 2016, to provide people a tool that is exclusively focused on vehicle exports from the U.S. to Canada.


Cheektowaga, New York

Company Size

50-100 employees


Ongoing since 2016


Increasing Churn Caused by an Outdated User Experience

SmartBorder was losing customers because their vehicle exports web application had an old look & feel, and lacked automation features. Their goal was to simplify and automate the process of exporting vehicles from the U.S. to Canada, while modernizing the user interface.

They needed to enhance the quality of the application while ensuring a timely delivery for their customers. However, their software engineering team was already busy.

Desktop screen preview of the previous design for an Autoexports platform, showcasing features related to automotive exports and trade.
Web application before modernization


Modernization of the Web Application 

Our solution focused on modernizing the web application, not only in terms of its visual identity but also by enhancing its functionality. This modernization process began with a rebranding effort, giving the application a fresh and contemporary visual identity.

To streamline and simplify the export process, we introduced enhanced communication tools. These tools include a live chat feature for real-time assistance, automated email and SMS alerts to keep users informed throughout the export process, and automated PDF generation to simplify paperwork. Additionally, users can now easily attach necessary documents, making the process more efficient.

Homescreen snapshot of the Autoexports platform, providing a glimpse of the user interface and features related to automotive exports and trade

Efficient payment processing is crucial for a seamless user experience. To achieve this, we integrated Stripe, a well-known, secure payment processing platform. This integration not only ensures secure transactions but also provides users with an improved payment interface for added convenience.

Three mobile screens of the vehicle exports web app, from prototype to MVP
From prototype to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our team identified a significant opportunity for improvement in the overall process, and delivered a customer web portal designed for real-time tracking and management of export operations. This portal empowers users by offering transparency and control over the export process. It serves as a top-tier support tool, providing users with the information they need when they need it.

Currently, our dedicated team continues to prioritize ongoing support, implementing improvements, and promptly resolving any potential issues. This dedication guarantees the consistent delivery of top-notch performance for AutoExports’ valued customers.



The design team was fantastic to work with; they collaborated with me closely to bring my vision to life and offered innovative ideas that I had not considered before. Their web design and branding work exceeded my expectations

The development team was equally impressive. They were highly efficient in solving any issues that arose during the project and delivered all major milestone targets on time. Despite working remotely, they were always responsive and addressed all my questions, comments, and concerns in a timely manner. In the end, the site’s deployment was a resounding success. The finished product was everything I asked for and more. Overall, I highly recommend this development company for their exceptional work and exceptional service”. 

David D’Costa, Business System Analyst at SmartBorder


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