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About this project

SmartSense by Digi is the global leader in designing highly scalable IoT solutions for Food and Pharmacy safety, facility monitoring, and supply chain visibility. It serves 2.000 organizations in 75 countries including Walmart, CVS Health, SpaceX, Apple, Coca Cola, McDonald's, U.S. Department of State.

SmartSense NEXT by Digi is a custom mobile app that integrates wireless sensors, food probes and remote monitoring software to provide actionable insights that enhance food safety compliance, quality control and helps overcome operational challenges.

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With a series of legacy systems inherited from various business units, SmartSense needed to find a way to seamlessly integrate them all into a unified and updated software solution that could cover all of their business activities. With a lack of technical expertise in mobile app development, our partner´s team was stretched thin, making this challenge even more daunting.

Screenshots of the Monitoring Task mobile app's old design

Old app screens


Our innovative solution combines wireless sensors with advanced remote monitoring software, providing valuable insights to enhance safety, productivity, and regulatory compliance. We created a mobile app from scratch, specifically designed to capture equipment temperatures, record product temperatures, and complete quality checklists, offering real-time monitoring and reporting of critical information to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and quality standards. 

Screenshots of the updated Monitoring Task mobile app

By leveraging this technology, businesses can access actionable data to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their operations. Our team's expertise and dedication to delivering a high-quality product enabled our partner's software engineering team to successfully achieve their goals, providing a comprehensive solution that streamlined their business activities and improved overall efficiency.

Screenshots of the temperature monitoring module in the Monitoring Task mobile app

Tech Stack

These are some of the technologies used in the development of this project.

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Our team traveled to Boston to collaborate with SmartSense on a product discovery initiative. Our team's on-site presence and willingness to work collaboratively with our client were critical to the success of this project, enabling us to align on expectations and plan the work ahead.

Selfie of Kaizen Softworks and Smartborder’s teams together in Boston

Our dedicated team of 5 skilled software engineers started developing the custom Mobile App with React, with the goal of providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

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Our team worked hard to meet SmartSense' specifications for the app's features and functionalities. We gathered feedback from SmartSense' clients and integrated their suggestions into subsequent iterations, resulting in a collaborative approach that delivered an intuitive and user-friendly product offering exceptional value to the client's business operations.

Screenshots of the Store Management module in the Monitoring Task mobile app

We collected users' inputs to improve the app's features and functionalities. Thanks to this joint effort , the app is more intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient, providing exceptional value to our partners' business operations.

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Our commercial team visited SmartSense' headquarters to explore new opportunities for collaboration, identify areas of growth and potential synergies that could create greater value for both companies. These helped strengthen our partnership and layed the groundwork for future collaborations.

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Senior Product Owner - SmartSense by Digi -  Charles Weldon
Kaizen is great with project management. Their level of talent and engagement with the product are outstanding; they execute well and put a lot of effort into understanding how everything works. Listen to their team’s recommendations and follow the practices they have in place because they know what they’re doing”
Charles WeldonSenior Product Owner - SmartSense by Digi
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