Automating Logistics Data Management

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Livingston International is a Canadian customs brokerage and trade services company. It specializes in providing customs compliance,

consulting, and trade-related services to businesses engaged in international trade, particularly between the U.S and Canada.


Toronto, Ontario

Company Size

2500-3000 employees


Ongoing since 2021


Process Large Amounts of Customer Shipment Data

In 2018, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency introduced ‘Section 321,’ allowing duty-free imports of goods up to $800. This sparked a surge in eCommerce, leading to a flood of customer import data. The Livingston eCommerce team faced an overwhelming task of manually processing diverse data formats and addressing quality issues like incomplete fields.

To address this, Livingston recognized the need for an internal tool to efficiently organize, verify, and process the incoming data

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Build a Logistics Data Management Platform

Our dedicated team has developed an advanced data management web application designed to simplify trade complexities. Our primary goal was to automate the processing of large quantities of low-cost goods imports while ensuring data accuracy for compliance with the U.S. Customs agency.

Laptop screen showcasing the data management software, highlighting its user-friendly interface and advanced features for seamless data integration and management within the ecommerce ecosystem

This solution streamlines the classification, validation, and formatting of bulk shipment releases. It categorizes information by risk levels and confidence, highlighting any missing data elements. Reports are generated to identify errors, and different priority levels are assigned for issue resolution. If necessary, Livingston eCommerce agents can make corrections, ensuring precise submissions to the U.S. Customs agency. Moreover, the system actively keeps customers informed through automated email and SMS notifications, providing real-time updates on their shipment status.

Laptop screen displaying a data management software, emphasizing streamlined data processing for efficient and automated ecommerce operations management.

Currently, our dedicated team is committed to offer continuous support, introduce improvements, and swiftly resolve any potential issues. This dedication guarantees the consistent delivery of peak performance for Livingston eCommerce agents and their web application.



Client: Brandon Davids, Business Analyst at Livingston

“There’s two things I like the most about working with Kaizen. Firstly, the positive attitude of the team. And secondly, I could give them 10 things to do with very little information and then they came back and processed everything almost to perfection. I don’t have to waste so much time micromanaging, looking through things ahead of schedule. If something needs to be changed, the team does it in an hour, and that’s because they’re asking the right questions. We are at a stage now where the quality far exceeds anything that I’ve ever done”.

Brandon Davids, Business Analyst at Livingston International

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